The Waste of Worry

Your pre-teen son turned into a barely recognizable water buffalo overnight. Your sister hasn't called you back in three weeks. Your best friend has decided he's going to quit his job and join the rodeo circuit. And of COURSE you're worried. Who wouldn't be?

And... what is it costing you? How much time are you spending with your mind in the swirl of worry? What is your frequency when you're there? How is three hours of sleep and a daily dose of stomach acid serving you?

Most of us have a bit of a martyr complex - and we think that our long-suffering stories make us stronger somehow, interesting, noble.

Now ask yourself this. How is it serving THEM?

Is your worry helping them? Changing their situation? Elevating their consciousness? As my wise coach once pointed out to me - our thoughts are like energetic mail ("e"mail). Every time you send a worrying thought into the ether - your energy is focused on that reality. When our thoughts and energy and attention are so acutely focused on the worst case scenarios of our loved ones' actions - the very real risk we run is manifesting that reality.

What if you shifted your focus and put that energy into a positive direction? Instead of sending your water-buffalo son worry emails, try sending optimistic ones. Whether or not they read those emails - all your energy is going into that inbox. What do you want them to read when they finally pay attention?

How much is that worry helping the people you're worrying about?

Jennifer ThurmanComment