Jen Thurman



Your time, your career,
your rules.

You’re successful and respected because you’re smart, you know how the game is played, you get results and you take leadership seriously. Everyone thinks you’ve got it made.

But there’s something more for you out there – and you know it.

You want to make a real impact – on your organization, on your family, on the planet.

It’s time to make some rules of your own. 


I work with exceptional leaders who are committed to continued evolution, and who know they can do more for their careers, their families and the world. 


My Approach

With 18 years of experience working with senior executives in the corporate world, I bring a pragmatic understanding of the complex, limiting demands executives face and turn that “reality” on its ear.  

This work empowers you to reclaim your infinite curiosity and untapped creativity, to enhance your leadership, demolish limiting beliefs, control time and live with a deep sense of purpose.

Perhaps you're working through a career transition. Maybe you're sensing the possibility of true transformation in your company, in your life. Deep down, you know it's time to transcend.  I champion leaders in each of these phases of evolution -- together we make it effortless to Transition. Transform. Transcend. 

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Jen Thurman

With 18 years of experience advising, consulting and coaching senior executives across several industries, I work with individuals and teams who want to take their work and their impact to the next level.

I champion connections, leadership and world-changing ideas. Learn more.

Are You a Fit?

You’re already successful – and there’s still more to do

People want to be on your team

You thrive when the going gets tough

Status quo bores you

You constantly challenge yourself, and have high expectations of your teams

You want to make an impact – and you think it
could be global


The Power of Partnership

In the first ten minutes of our conversation, I knew Jen was really going to challenge me to think a lot more deeply about what really motivates me day-to-day. And, most importantly, help me find better answers. Her natural intellect, energy, understanding of how big companies work, and thoughtfulness helped me put aside the day-to-day noise and tap into a better version of myself.
— Kris Engskov // President, US Retail, Starbucks
I had the pleasure of working with Jen at a pivotal moment in my life where work and self and health collided. I had found myself allowing my work to take over my life. My health was suffering for it and so was my general sense of self. As I worked with Jen I really focused in on who I was, what I wanted to achieve, what was important to me. I looked down the road. I looked at where I was heading. I made one step at a time, committing to small things, nothing that felt like it was too much. Little by little I changed from the inside out. I continued my journey after our sessions together and the evolution continued. I am not the person I was when Jen and I first started working together. Much of this is thanks to Jen’s incredible championing of me, her inquisitive nature, and her gentle yet firm ability to hold a spotlight up and help you to see what’s really there. I would work with Jen again in a heartbeat and recommend her coaching talents to anyone looking to transform themselves.
— Allison C. // Executive Coach and Consultant
I have known Jen professionally for more than a decade and, sitting with her for the past several months, coaching is undoubtedly her calling and gift to the world. She wholeheartedly holds the space for self-discovery and her guidance, encouragement and reflection helped to transform my life’s path and possibility beyond my own imagination.
— Meredith M. // Amazon Web Services
Jen’s level of empathy and validation was encouraging, and more importantly, motivating. She was able to help me discover my unique strengths and channel them toward the creation of my new business. Jen knew the importance of family to me and led me to a place where both my future dreams began and my home life satisfaction increased.
— Dave F. // Denver, CO