The Bully in Your Head

Do you hear what you’re saying to yourself? Juggling your coffee, briefcase and this week’s lunch staples on your way into work on Monday, you drop your keys while badging in through security. Your head says…? You meet a new parent at back-to-school night whose nine-year-old twins greet you with a set of firm handshakes and solid eye contact when your son interrupts you to show you how he can make a trombone from two rolled up programs. Your head says…? You wake up 20 minutes late and remember you have a 7 a.m. conference call. Your head says…? You catch a glimpse of yourself naked in the mirror before you’ve had a chance to arrange your chin and eyebrows and suck in your belly. Your head says….

Seriously – if the FBI could tap the phone of your inner monologue with yourself – would fast would you be indicted for slander or bullying?

Now Try This: Stop. Breathe. See yourself in the moment when your keys lay there on the precipice of the front door at work. Now – what would you tell the four-year-old you? Truly – will you tell that child he/she is a klutz and looks like a complete idiot? Or does it sound more like… “Whooopsie!!! Oh my goodness, sweetness! You’re so cute and you’re trying so hard. You get a gold star for being amazing. Let’s go for ice cream after lunch!”

Self love = world love. And we need more of that.

Jennifer Thurman