What Did You Do Today?

Whether you make lists or detest them - at the end of the day, what are you counting up? Are you swirling about all the things you didn't get done? Or are you reveling in the things you did?

Try this on: Before writing your "To Do" list for tomorrow, take some time to write your "Did It" list. Everything counts: Made my bed. Paid the water bill. Worked nine hours. Made a deadline. Fed my cat. Gave a stranger directions. Took the stairs instead of the elevator. Finished that major project. Made an extra prospect call. Attempted to help my teenage son with his ridiculously complicated Trigonometry homework (I KNOW I learned this when I was 16...)

Now feel how your energy shifts after looking at that list. Momentum is a miracle motivator. Kinetic energy vs. potential energy.

How will you harness it?

Jennifer ThurmanComment