Time to Transcend


You're successful, you're respected, you are excellent at your work and pretty darned good at managing your life. And despite that success, you’re still feeling like you’re not quite ‘there.’

There’s never enough time, and you’re at the mercy of other people’s schedules more often than you care to admit. Your numerous calendars are always in danger of spinning out of your control. Bosses, partners, kids, parents. You’re feeling like you’re not fully present either at home or at work - trying so hard to do it all, you always feel like it’s never enough.

Maybe you’re on the brink of a big transition or a choice point. Maybe you’ve found yourself in a rut you want to break out of. Maybe you have an idea for something new that you haven’t found time to develop.

You find yourself in a never-ending cycle of, “If only…” If only you could make it through this quarter, or past this project, or through this family crisis, then you could actually make progress. You might actually get ahead.

But you definitely have a sense that if only you could find more time, or slow down, or change in some way, you could reconnect with something big - a sense of purpose, deeper connections… inspiration.

Deep down there's a gnawing, persistent knowing that there is more for you.

Why I Want to work with you

I’ve been called to partner with good people with big ideas, big love and big inspiration. Because those big things need more space, energy. Because we need more love, more ideas and more inspiration out in this world.

I’ve been there. I worked in my zone of excellence for 20 years in corporate America. I worked hard. I raised my kids. I volunteered in my community. I was a hard worker, a loving mother, and a supportive wife, sister and friend. I always raised my hand when help was needed at work. I never hesitated to get on a plane and fly back home for family in crisis - failing health, addiction, marriages falling apart.

I raced to make sure I attended all my kids’ games, recitals, school programs and then stayed up till 3:00 a.m. to finish the work that needed to be done. I felt guilty for not actually baking cookies for the kids’ school parties - but I showed up with store-bought ones.

And interlaced in the to-ing and fro-ing and the ever-present exhaustion, there were these moments of swelling certainty that there was something more, something better, something more powerful that I should be experiencing in my life. That there was another level that I was supposed to transcend into.

And just a soon as that feeling would begin to take shape it would be predictably, reliably, consistently sidelined by another distraction: a promotion, an urgent project at work, a family crisis. And the cycle would begin all over again.

Until I broke it.

It took a few years (okay, maybe a decade or so) of trying on my own, and a few heartbreaking losses to finally find the courage to do something different. I hired a coach and began the process of personal discernment, belief clearing and goal setting and finally allowed myself to transcend to the next level of meaning, connection, and purpose.

Today I’m directing my life; it’s not directing me. Today I have the resources, energy awareness and knowledge to make big and small life transitions with less effort. Today I have spirit-filled systems and structure that support my career goals, health and relationships.

Today I have the skills, talent and drive to help you do the same.

Why do you need coaching?

A good coach will first help you remember you who you are. I’m the Jiminy Cricket of inspiration - to remind you of your greatness and reclaim your power and purpose. I shine light on limiting beliefs and I work with my clients to slice through clutter and see ineffective patterns. Simply put, I’ll help you get out of your own way.

I’ll help you build meaningful, spirit-filled systems and structure for your life. Systems that create more space, love, joy and inspiration. Structures that create deeper connection, more meaning, and a sense of fulfilled purpose.

I champion big ideas - and small ones. I serve as a firm but loving accountability mechanism to help you keep your attention aligned with your intention.

I’ll help you harness the limitless power of your own infinite energy, and break through those pesky old stories, routines and beliefs so you can truly master the areas in your life that are the most important to you.  

Through the 3-month engagement, we will take a personalized deep-dive into applying the principals of energy leadership to your life and career in a way that is tailored to your personal needs, goals and desires.

I will demand that you dream bigger; identify, honor and align your life to your individual values; transfigure the blocks that are stubbornly holding you back; and launch an inspired plan to achieve the big, hairy, audacious goal you set for yourself (and the small ones too). 

What's Included

Gauge your energy   

Energy Leadership Index Assessment | This assessment is different than others out there. It measures your current attitudes toward life, opportunity, possibilities and measures your levels of engaged energy in all the many facets of your life. 

The awareness that comes from working with this tool has helped thousands of people to build incredible momentum and energy in their lives, consciously identify and honor their most important goals, deconstruct the things working against them, and drive toward fulfilling their true purpose. 


Powerful Partnership | Personalized guidance and support for 60 minutes, 3-4 times per month on your individualized plan. I will be your partner, guide and champion as you create your goals, plans and outcomes. Together we will work on: 

  • Identifying and Honoring Your WHO. Who are you really? Deep down. What are your deepest held individual values? Unless you know and honor those values, your life will always feel a little "off." What is your purpose in this life? Do you know? Are you fulfilling it?

  • Dreaming Big: I'm here to stretch you and dare you to think bigger and to act accordingly. What are you tolerating in life? What if you didn't have to? Where are you settling in your career? What if there was another way? Working (and playing) with your practical and creative edges, we'll uncover the dream that really lights you up.

  • Clearing the Roadblocks: What are the things that are holding you back? Energy blocks - everyone has them. We work to mine them out, release the hold they have on you, and redirect the energy they were taking up to better use.

  • Planning and Action: From day one, we will focus on the biggest needle movers in your life and career to create action and results, fast. We'll make steady progress on the small and big goals you set for yourself, and we'll celebrate the heck out of you along the way.

Keeping it hot  

Realtime Access and Support | During these three months, I'm here to be your champion, your ass-kicker, your sounding board. Integrating change quickly takes continued reenforcement, repetition and momentum. You're smart, and you know a lot. But achieving new ways of being and growing takes some practice. Whether it's a quick text to tell me you've completed a goal, or a 15-minute phone call at lunch for a reality check - we want to integrate change as its happening. 

What's it Take?

The money question

My fees range from $3,000 for a limited 3-month contract to $33,000 for a year-long, custom-built transformation engagement.

But the bigger investment - by far - is your time, your energy and your commitment to going "all in" on the process, staying engaged, tackling the challenges we co-create for you, being willing to step outside of your comfort zone, and accepting and integrating your successes as they begin to unfold. 

If you're ready to say YES, please fill out the quick application form below, and I'll contact you to schedule an exploratory call.

The power is in partnership - and the coach/client fit has to be right. If we're a fit - we'll get started. If we're not, that's okay too, because I know a lot of brilliant coaches that will take that YES and run with it.


What's Next?

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